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Our app provides one way, file and folder synchronisation for users of the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Keep all of your important files and folders backed up with ease at regular intervals throughout the day with Lite Sync.

The second version of Lite Sync has just been released, this new version allows you to set up multiple synchronisation jobs and has an upgraded user interface for ease of use.




The app has been developed with simplicity, ease of use and processing speed as its main characteristics. To get started simply choose the source folder containing your files and the destination folder, set your desired options and allow the app to do all the cool tech stuff for you at an interval of your choosing. All of the settings can be changed at any time in its simple, no nonsense, easy to navigate, user friendly interface.



The app uses the latest Microsoft

Dot-Net framework combined with recursive file processing functions written specifically to perform as fast as is possible providing exceptional processing power. Keeping the app as simple and straightforward as possible also helps to enhance the processing speed of the app as it uses less system resources and this in turn helps to keep your system running smoothly under the highest of loads..



The app has been developed in such a way as to reduce the unnecessary components of the application to a complete minimum while still providing you with exceptional performance. This combination of the latest technology and code simplification results in less resources being taken up by the application, higher maintainability and greatly improved computational performance for the end user of the application.




The application came into being when its creator had a need to synchronise files between two folders and was searching online for a no-nonsense file and folder synchronisation tool. His online searches came up with a few great contenders for what he needed to accomplish but what he found was that each one he tried either had too many unnecessary features or in some of the worst cases became unstable and crashed quite frequently. This gave him the inspiration to create an easy to use one way file and folder synchronisation tool that was lightweight in terms of its application foot print but powerful enough to provide impressive performance in the synchronisation process.


In the development stages there were three main goals that had to be achieved.

The first goal was to keep the user interface as simple and easy to use as possible and not to provide to many unnecessary options in the finished application.

The second goal was to find the fastest possible way to access the files of the folder being synchronised to determine if any changes had been made and action as appropriate.

The third and final goal was to make sure the code was robust enough to use in a commercial setting where large numbers of files and folders would come into play.


The application has been written using the latest Microsoft Dot-Net Framework technology combined with a custom recursive algorithm that is the core of the file and folder synchronisation process within the application.

No other third party plugins have been used in the creation of the app and it has been written in C# from start to finish so that we know every line of code that has gone into it.

The application can be left to its own devices and will start and run its self when you turn on your machine to the settings that you have provided minimised to the tray.



To check out what our users think of our file and folder sync software have a quick browse around the site forum. Everyone is welcome to join the forum regardless if you are a user of the app or not. The forum has four main topic groups but more may be added in the future as it grows in size and gains content.


The main groups in the forum are as follows.


The General Discussions group, no explanation needed here users can feel free to start general discussions perhaps about situations where you feel synchronisation is useful for example.


The User Experience group, any experience you have had with the software that you would like to share or you think other users would find helpful please don't hesitate to start a discussion in this group.

The Application Enhancements group, if you think of any improvements no matter how small or trivial please start a conversation in this group we will be monitoring closely to see what future enhancements to add to the program.


And finally the Using The Software group, if you have any hints or tips that you think other users would benefit from to give them a better user experience, please start a discussion in this group.