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Jan 13

Application Sync Log


Edited: Jan 19

Before we released the latest version of the software a new XML log viewer was created so that you can quickly and easily navigate the activity in the XML file containing the log

This is the new XML log viewer of lite sync's file and folder sync software.This is the new XML log viewer of lite sync's file and folder sync software.
Lite Sync - New XML Log Viewer

The new XML log viewer is based on a tree view structure so each action that lite sync performs will be located in its own node.

This should make it much quicker to find the actions that you are trying to find that were taken in the synchronisation process.

The date the log was created is clearly visible as is the start and end of the logged sync run.

When you drill down into the individual nodes of the new XML log, all the files that have had action taken against them will be listed in the node and will be displayed if they are longer than the initial screen size on mouse hover.

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  • There is an old saying that 'a watched kettle never boils' but we are all guilty of sitting, staring at an application, possibly watching the progress bar slowly tick up to %100 while it performs some long winded process on our computers. While making Lite Sync we took this fact and focused our efforts on the underlying algorithm that would be responsible for processing the changes between the files and folders that were chosen to be synchronised. Combining the latest Microsoft Dot Net Framework with our custom recursive file and folder processing algorithm, we believe that we have done our upmost to cram as much processing power as we possibly could into this small but uncompromising application.